Woman in the Revolution

Sibyl Ludington takes the malisha to her father.Sibyl also tricks british so her father didn’t get hurt.Deborah samson was an indentured servant for 7 years.Finally turned into a young woman and got her freedom.Since a woman can’t fight in a war she disguised herself as a man.Designs a man suit and walked 40 miles to sign-up.She changes her name to Robert Shurtliff.She uses the name from her brother who died long before.The army believed that she was a boy because of her muscles she got from working on the farm.She gets assigned to west point to join captain webb’s company of the fourth massachusetts .She gets shot and is taken to a hospital.

MLK Service

on monday january 21,2019 MLK day, I helped my mom clean the house and also played with brothers on fortnite and toddler puzzles for service ,to be honest i wasn’t that fun but it was worth it.After that i’m pretty sure i just relaxed.MLK gave a famous speech called “i have a dream”.He wanted everyone to be treated equally and fairly nor judged by color.He had 4 kids ,2 girls ,2 boys.Many adults disagreed,MLK was assassinated on april 4,1968

Midnight Ride

Minute men are special troops ready to fight at any moment.                                                                 In the north church they put up one if by land , two if by sea,they put up two.                                  Date of the ride april 18,1775.                                                                                                                  Night of april 18,1775 approximately 700 british marched to lexington concord                                      Info , their mission was to warn everyone the redcoats are coming .                                                       Getting watched by patriots.                                                                                                                  He warned Samuel Adams  and John Hancock the british were coming for them.                              The redcoats are coming.                                                                                                                      Riders-Paul Revere, William Dawes,Samuel Prescott.                                                                           In boston.                                                                                                                                  Defending their homeland so no one gets hurt.                                                                                  End of peace about to be war.


Mickey Mouse

Dudes , ok so I was walking in the school with space buns and this 4 or 5 year old walked up to me and said “hi mickey mouse you’re  my favorite”and then gave me a big hug and a was like dude you really think i’m mickey mouse but I didn’t really say it though after that I walked away laughing to death.

Colonial Occuptions

August 6,1765

I am a Potter

I make pots,bowls,cups,and plats.All of  this stuff is made out of clay,and after it is formed into a utensil it has to dry.After it has been dried it is ready to be painted and put on a shelf .We also use molds to make buttons and pipes.Often I use the same clay as a brick maker.Were not the only ones who make pottery ,farmers also do pottery in there spare time and sell it to their neighbors.Men who do pottery use their strong hands and not a wheel.